Isabell Sprenger has been head of corporate communications, has built up sustainability management and implemented the connected process and reporting structures in various companies for many years. Her credo has always been to present company facts not only in an experienced, but also in an authentic and honest way. As a member of an expert group for further development of sustainability standards organized by a federation, she consulted closely with the development and execution of CSR reporting requirements as well as the development of the EU Taxonomy. She is well experienced in counselling and coaching senior executives and management board members. Due to her moderation of steering committees, her proximity to advisory boards as well as the monitoring of ongoing dialogues with stakeholders at board level, she is familiar with challenges in handling sustainability issues. She deepened her knowledge on business sustainability with advanced training programs of the Harvard Business School and the University of Bayreuth and as independent management consultant. Furthermore, she has been a lecturer at various universities.

Isabell Sprenger holds a PhD in history. Today she uses her knowledge and competences where they are most needed and are best suited as contribution to solving the increasing socioecological challenges of our times. At the points where decision makers in companies release their innovation and problem-solving potential to address global as well as individual entrepreneurial challenges effectively.

Isabell Sprenger is a passionate runner and lives with her husband and two children in Stuttgart.
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