Our Common Future 1989 and 2019: German Reunification and Sustainability

Thirty years ago, people were on the streets of Leipzig, East Berlin, and other GDR cities to claim their Common Future, which led to the “fall of the Berlin Wall” and paved the way for German reunification. In 2019, people have been gathering again on these streets. But this time they have joined a global social movement with people of New York, Sydney, London and many other cities around the World to claim their Common Future. Today, it is not primarily about freedom and affluence but about global sustainability concerns reflected in the indicators of Planetary Boundaries and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

Business leaders with situational awareness who leverage technnology to transform their companies and eco-systems to the next level of sustainability will be best positioned to achieve viability advantage and thrive in a truly sustainable economy which will be inevitable in the 21st century. See my book „Rethinking Strategic Management. Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact.“ for more information on the Why and How.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversay of German reunificaiton, it was a privilege to speak about the German reunification and how it relates to sustainability at the Institute of Economics and Foreign Trade of Kanagawa University in Yokohama, Japan.