Systematic strategy refinement assists in improving the viability of your current business models and in developing a coherent transformation concept. This “general master plan” integrates economic, ecological and social aspirations effectively. They are reflected in your vision, mission, and purpose, are combined in an “integrated strategy” and are refined in your advanced business models.

Deriving, prioritizing, describing, and articulating strategic goals with an “integrated strategy map” highlights for all stakeholders, on which themes management attention and resources need to be focused on in the future. The respective discussions and clarification processes support management teams in aligning strategic mindsets as well as identifying paradoxes and inconsistencies. This management of tensions is regarded as a key factor for a successful sustainability transformation.

From the range of potential target system architectures for combining economic with socioecological goals (see exemplary strategy map) a suitable one will be chosen and applied in the company-specific strategy process.