With SustainUp we address the opportunities of our economy
to deliver significant contributions to the ecological, social and economic transformation.
To paraphrase Erich Kaestner, we would like to directly support company initiatives as levers for sustainable development because “actions speak louder than words”.


Companies currently experience an increasing rate of change and a high degree of pressure to act. This is a strategic situation whose sweeping power can be compared to the major industrial revolutions. We no longer talk about a digital disruption only, but also about socioecological disruption. We consider both developments as huge business opportunities and responsibility.


Many decision-makers are aware that they need to act, but do not always know what that means specifically. They realize that a “leap” to the next level of sustainability and the corresponding transformation of strategies and business models is indispensable. However, apparently there is still considerable uncertainty as to how “fast” and how “strongly” one needs to change and how this strategic transformation can be effectively designed and managed in practice.


With SustainUp we have dedicated ourselves to supporting companies in the initial set-up and accompanying them throughout their strategic sustainability transformation, independently and effectively. Here, we see our greatest strength and lever to contribute rapidly and with the highest impact to a sustainable development of economy, environment, and society.
We have succeeded if we have been able to guide you on a promising strategic transformation journey toward the next level of sustainability. We call that Sustainable Strategizing 2.0. We have thus created value for your company, a thriving economy, a sound environment, and a healthy society. This is our motivation.